FTWNU2 RECORDS was started in Hopkins, Minnesota in 2011.

After years of trial and error, FTWNU2 has finally found footing and is expanding faster than ever.

Founder, Dan Dittmer, has teamed up with Chris and Monica Boris (of KEEP IT CORE RECORDS) to bring you some amazing releases by some amazing MINNESOTAN bands!

FTWNU2 RECORDS specializes in releasing only bands from MINNESOTA.

FTWNU2 RECORDS also specializes in releasing bands that "push the envelope" and require a different taste palette. Whether it be METAL, PUNK, NOISE, GRIND, CRUST, EXPERIMENTAL, DIGITAL/ELECTRONIC, NEW WAVE or FOLK, each release/band is specially selected to fit our roster.

FTWNU2 RECORDS isn't for everyone, but the ones its for, are loyal and appreciate different musical artistry.

FTWNU2 was founded on early '80's punk rock beliefs, hence the name. F*CK THE WORLD AND YOU TOO. The "outcasts" found comradery amongst other "outcasts" and if you weren't with us, you were against us. The '80's were a very angry and aggressive  time in PUNK ROCK and METAL. That's why, as a label, we focus on bands that bring an emotion and certain energy level both lyrically and musically.

So enjoy and we look forward to years of musical releases!


Dan, Chris, Monica

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